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Strenghten your skills and learn to turn creativity into images.


If you want to take the picture that you see in your head and make it come to life in the frame, you need to know how to make your camera do what you want it to do. (Damian McGillicuddy)


Cameras themselves don’t make for perfect pictures, and neither do all the technical marvels they have to offer. However, they can help make capturing the images you envision easier, or inspire you with new creative insights.



Wi-Fi remote shooting

See how you can use the free OI.Share App from OLYMPUS with a QR code and Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone to your camera and then use the mobile device as a handy remote control. The Remote Live View option then gives you wireless control over the camera and its settings like zoom and focus, perfect for taking selfies.

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Live Composite

Capture the spirit of the city at night – full of motion in a still image.

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Art Filters

Now you can add a touch of creativity to your photos without the need for time-consuming post-processing software.

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Partial Colour Filter

Discover how you can add a special effect to your photos with the Partial Colour Filter

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High Dynamic Range

Learn the ins and outs of shooting dramatic photos that feature perfectly balanced

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Get inspired


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