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Welcome to the Photography Journal, a collection of the latest stories from our expert visionary adventures.

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  • The new OM-5

    By Frank T. Smith, OM SYSTEM Ambassador Size does matter! The recently released OM-5 from OM SYSTEM has all the bells and whistles AND is easy to pack and versatile to use. The camera is very light and portable. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, natu...
  • Best of 2022

    We asked to some of our Ambassadors from all over the world to tell us about their favourite photography moments of the year. Here's what they shared with us! Enjoy their amazing experiences. Adrien Sutter, France Lost in the middle of the Austrian ...
  • Aurora Borealis in Iceland

    "Not again!" my friend Christophe moans, rolling his eyes. He is sitting at the breakfast table with a large helping of pancakes swimming in sweet syrup, while I am checking today's forecast for the third time. "How many weather apps have you actuall...
  • The shared trip

    A community is created when like-minded people get together and share their passion for a common interest. In this case, the common interests are photography, knowledge-sharing and micro adventures in the outdoors. Four OM System ambassadors from Swe...
  • Macro photography tips&tricks

    Hi! Geraint here with a few tips and tricks! The winter can be a rather challenging time for us macro photographers because our favourite bugs and flowers have disappeared, and interesting subjects become more difficult to find. In this blog I will ...
  • Capturing Snowflakes with the M.Zuiko 30mm F3.5 Macro

    By Nicole Gearty, Photographer Often when people think of macro photography they think of insects, arachnids, fungi and flora. However, the macro ‘season’ extends beyond the warmer months. OM-D E-M1 Mark III | M.Zuiko 30mm F3.5 Macro1/80...
  • Winter Wildlife

    Wildlife photography is always a challenge, the light, the nature and of course the animals have to harmonise perfectly in one moment. In winter, there are other aspects that demand even more from the photographer than in other seasons. The cold mak...
  • Winter wildlife photography from the backyard and beyond

    As the season changes, the colourful leaves of deciduous forests across the north descend to the ground and the vibrant frosty days of autumn are replaced by the brittle cold of winter. It is easy to kick back and enjoy the warmth of the indoors and ...
  • Tips for traveling solo

    Traveling alone is something that many people find daunting. And yet, ultimately, they're often the trips that people tend to remember most fondly: after all, the place where you leave your comfort zone is the place where you experience the most grow...
  • OM-5 – The optimal outdoor adventure camera

    Whatever we do, we stand for something. My work is photography and through my photos, I usually tell stories about adventure, people experiencing them, and the outdoors. But this story is about my new companion that I've hiked with in Denmark, Finnis...
  • My camera is my travel companion

    For me, my work as a photographer is about more than capturing photos. It's about telling a story. Regardless of whether I'm creating them for an outdoor brand or a tourist destination, I want my work to say something, for the images to work together...
  • 12 Reasons to Choose the OM-1

    We asked 12 of our ambassadors who have been using the OM-1 since launch what stands out for them about this ground-breaking camera. Whether you are wondering if it is time to upgrade or considering joining the OM SYSTEM for the first time, take a ...
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