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Dive (B)Log


Dive Blog

The idea of the Dive Blog is to provide you the newest stories, to show you breathtaking places and images taken by our Visionaries on their latest trips. All of them travel all around the world to find the next amazing dive spot and of course also to take the next incredible shot under the surface! Get inspired for your next trip!

  • The World Oceans Day 2020

    Innovation for a sustainable Ocean: Topic of the yearIf you’re a diver, snorkeler or just love being at the beach we invite you to comment on your experiences and share your thoughts on this emotive issue for your chance to win one of the three...

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  • Diversity of photo stimulus in the Seychelles

    The Seychelles is an ideal place for diving safaris on a comfortable yacht. Liveaboard is the best choice if you want to dive a lot and an awesome opportunity for taking plenty of stunning photos as an underwater photographer.

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  • Komodo – more than the land of dragons

    Have you ever wondered how completely different worlds can encounter and live next to each other? Some of the famous Komodo Islands are populated by ancient predators, representing geological ages when the reptiles ruled the world. But underneath, no...

    • This post has 9 Likes, 12 Comments and 90302 views
  • Life on a green leaf

    When diving, there are often many, many things to look at: too many fish, too many corals, feather stars or sponges. Sometimes, there is so much to see that it is difficult to find out where to put your focus. It can honestly be quite overwhelming.

    • This post has 2 Likes, 9 Comments and 67006 views
  • Photography on ship wrecks

    The Red Sea (Egypt) is one of the seas where you will find the most ship wrecks , both war ships and merchant ships. The great amount of ship traffic, dating back to the time of the pharaohs, the difficult navigation due to the multitude of shallow c...

    • This post has 4 Likes, 7 Comments and 70189 views
  • The World Oceans Day 2019

    Gender and Ocean – how are these two connected? Not at all – you might think. Quite much, however, is the answer. Gender and Ocean is this year’s topic for the World Oceans Day. Celebrate this day with us, find out more about why th...

    • This post has 569 Likes, 739 Comments and 30270 views
  • Finding sharks

    We’re standing on the afterdeck, kitted out in full diving gear, ready to jump overboard. Below us are around 30 Caribbean reef sharks and 10 lemon sharks, with indications that the first tiger sharks are also on their way. We look at each other indecisively...

    • This post has 1 Likes, 7 Comments and 88129 views
  • Red Sea - my love !

    Some 45 years after I first visited the Red Sea, my love the region has never diminished. That first frisson of excitement came at 20,000ft when we were starting to descend and flew over the mountains of upper Egypt and we could see the shores of the Red Sea beckoning and the amazing colours of the water. The route of the flight to Hurghada swung around over Marsa Alam which was the destination of our dive hosts, Emperor...

    • This post has 6 Likes, 4 Comments and 46315 views
  • Tropical Japan, diving in the land of the rising sun

    Let’s be honest – if you think about colourful reefs, visibilities of over 40 meters and big fish, Japan won’t necessarily cross your mind. Diving in the land of the rising sun? Really? Really!

    • This post has 2 Likes, 21 Comments and 11010 views
  • Hidden gem in the western tip of Indonesia

    If you are thinking about something impressive and mesmerizing in the sphere of the underwater kingdom, you will easily regard the seas around Pulau Weh in Indonesia, Sumatra and Aceh province as a place like this.

    • This post has 0 Likes, 3 Comments and 68698 views
  • Anilao – vibrant reefs and crazy critters

    Anilao is famous amongst divers for several reasons, but mainly for a unique diversity of macro stuff, and lately also for so called black water diving (night diving in extremely deep waters, hanging from a rope and just waiting to see what drifts by). Before my trip there, not too many divers had mentioned the incredibly rich reefs in the area, and so the beauty of this place came as a very, very pleasant surprise for...

    • This post has 3 Likes, 3 Comments and 114332 views
  • Dolphins – my experience after waiting for 20 years!

    In the 20 years that I’ve been diving, I’ve taken a lot of photos; from seahorses measuring a mere centimetre to swimming elephants. But I’ve never encountered a dolphin. Until now. For this mission, we chose to search in a large area in the Bahamas which is home to around twenty dolphins.

    • This post has 11 Likes, 9 Comments and 76395 views
  • The great white shark !!

    On my second trip to Guadeloupe I wanted to capture the behaviour of the great white shark in my pictures. With the help of my results as well as the information provided by the scientists who work with these animals, I wanted to explain or rather express the importance that these special animals have in the ecosystem and show what is being done to protect them.

    • This post has 8 Likes, 5 Comments and 81227 views
  • Bangka’s colourful nursery

    Our dive guide is raising his hand, his little finger separated and slightly curved. Clearly a signal for pygmy seahorses. But his following signals cannot be interpreted by anyone. Dolfye is raising both his hand directly in front of our masks, all ...

    • This post has 1 Likes, 4 Comments and 5008 views
  • Have you ever heard about Okinawa as a diver paradise ?

    Nuchi gusui” literally means “the medicine of life.” This phrase is used for things healing both our mind and body, such as our mother’s love, delicious food, human kindness, and amazing scenery. And the latter is especially true for a very unique region called Okinawa. And before you read on, you may grab a pen and write down the following: Bucket list diving destinations: Okinawa, Japan.

    • This post has 1 Likes, 34 Comments and 90333 views
  • How to dress for really cold water?

    The thermometer outside shows -6 degrees Celsius, snow covers the ground and the sea is as flat as a mirror. Most divers would consider it completely insane to go diving in conditions like these, knowing that the temperature in the water will be close to the freezing point. But what shall you do when you live close to the arctic circle and diving is your biggest passion? The only thing you can do is: Dress up!

    • This post has 4 Likes, 4 Comments and 9474 views
  • Curaçao Caribbean Feeling – the Dutch way

    “Bon bini” and thus welcome to Curaçao. The dreamlike Caribbean Island is smilingly welcoming us with its unique flair and its loveable charm. The friendly people, the wonderful climate and the many small bays and beaches are absol...

    • This post has 1 Likes, 1 Comments and 76752 views
  • Playing with art filters

    If you have a look at photographs taken above the water you can often see that the pictures have been edited away from their natural look. For some reason this is something very rarely seen in underwater photographs. It seems like there is some unwritten rule that pictures taken above the water can be altered, twisted and twirled just for the creative effect, but underwater pictures should show the world as it is seen...

    • This post has 2 Likes, 2 Comments and 89979 views
  • ZANZIBAR – so impressive dives!

    Recently, I decided to visit Zanzibar and to take a diving trip around to discover the surrounding sea. Geographically, this area actually belongs to the Western basin of the mighty Indian-Ocean but still, it is pretty close to the main land of Africa near Tansania. I picked two distinctive areas to explore, one in North, around Nungwi and Mnemba-atoll

    • This post has 3 Likes, 3 Comments and 58613 views
  • Artistic use of backlight

    Backlight shining right into your lens and illuminating your scenery in a creative way is one of the most difficult and yet one of the most artistic things in underwater photography. Let’s have a look at how you can use backlight at its best.

    • This post has 1 Likes, 6 Comments and 67731 views
  • World Oceans Day – let’s celebrate life

    It's a major source of oxygen and food, a home to thousands of creatures, a climate regulator and an extraordinary playground for divers and photographers: THE OCEAN. Celebrate the World Oceans Day with us, find out more about why the world’s oceans are so important and take part in a fantastic raffle.

    • This post has 13 Likes, 37 Comments and 76622 views
  • Snorkeling with Orcas

    Nearly everybody is enjoying warm climate, searching for sunny holidays, looking for diving places with crystal clear turquoise water in summer or winter time. Now try to imagine it is January, a month when most people prefer to skip the winter. Not us.

    • This post has 4 Likes, 2 Comments and 4525 views
  • Editing underwater shots – some basic tips for post-production

    It’s after your wetsuit has dried and your suitcase has been unpacked that the real work – and sometimes fun – of underwater photography begins: You finally get to look at all those beautiful shots you took and enjoy every “aww”-moment when you discover...

    • This post has 2 Likes, 0 Comments and 7677 views
  • Bullfrogs in front of the lens

    We do not really know for sure, but rumor has it must have been in the early 90s when a bullfrog farmer in the Karlsruhe area in Germany could not or did not want to accept the authorities' requirements. So, one night he released all the animals and set them free to explore the surrounding quarry ponds – an act with unimaginable consequences.

    • This post has 1 Likes, 4 Comments and 1553 views
  • Diving in the “Möllerbunker” of a furnace

    Darkness, narrowness and yet a feeling of excitement. This is how it feels to dive into one of the dirtiest workplaces of the German Ruhr area. Erik Hesse made it possible for us to experience and capture an extraordinary dive into a stock bunker, a so-called “Möllerbunker”, of the former steel plant and now “Landschaftpark Duisburg Nord”.

    • This post has 3 Likes, 0 Comments and 5292 views