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Every day is Earth day

Earth Day is a time to reflect on environmental conservation and the importance of protecting our planet. As OM SYSTEM Ambassadors, photographers use their skills to capture the beauty of nature and raise awareness, providing inspiration through their art. Let's celebrate the power of photography to create a better world this Earth Day!

Adrián Ordieres

I have many sources of inspiration. The most obvious is nature and the amazing moments I experience when I'm out there in it. Of course, the possibility that I could inspire a positive change – however small – in someone who observes my work, makes the long hours spent battling the cold, heat, hunger and exhaustion totally worth it.

Naia Pascual

What inspires me is the beauty and fragility of the natural world, and my ability to capture and share it through photography. I'm also driven by the idea of raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and our natural environment.

Adrian Truchta

Constant observation of nature is what inspire me the most. Nature creates situations that make you stop for a moment and... all you have to do is hit it with your best shot.

Buddy Eleazer

I love nature and I love photography. Being in wild places like Botswana, Yellowstone or even active birding locations like Florida is thrilling to me. When I’m in the field, I can’t wait to start shooting. Before I get there, I gain inspiration by looking at the works of other photographers on social media and through wildlife ‘coffee table’ books.

César Gil

When it comes to photography, what inspires me most is the fact that my photos can be used to raise awareness about different species and the threats that surround them. For me, if seeing one of my photos makes someone realises how important swallows are for eating pest insects, that's a huge triumph and a great source of inspiration. With my work I want to raise awareness in society, to protect everything that I enjoy photographing so much.

David Maimó

What inspires me the most is the darkness and silence of the night.

François Drouvin

I get inspired by the interplay of light and the natural world: the semi-transparency of a bird's wings, backlighting that provides structure to a landscape and so on.

Guido van de Water

The thing that inspires me most is light and atmosphere. I’m always looking for how light hits the landscape and the contrast it creates between light and dark. Over 80% of what I photograph is landscapes but anything with good light can grab my attention. This can be macro, birds, wildlife or even the lights of a cityscape, like last night in Amsterdam with Moises.

Keith Wallach

Wildlife inspires me. Many animals are misunderstood, and it is inspiring to immerse myself in their habitat to learn, photograph and tell their stories to the masses. 

Mariusz Fronia

What truly inspires me are beautiful landscapes and starry nights.

Melanie and David Benz

We are always inspired by the magic of the ocean. No two dives are alike. What's next for us? It is the great unknown that always fascinates and ultimately inspires us as photographers on our distant journeys to foreign countries and cultures.

Michal Skřipský

I am inspired by the beauty of nature and the diversity of the world, which I try to capture through my photographs.

Olaf Schieche

The inspiration for my work comes from many different sources. It is often the location that has an impact on the final image. So I'm always looking for special backdrops that can be enhanced with light.

Radim Hlaváč

Nature and animals inspire me. Whether it’s wild animals or those bred in captivity, I'm always looking for an interesting way to photograph them and elevate their natural beauty.

Steve Ball

I am inspired by nature in so many ways. To be outdoors and watch bald eagles soaring, or American dippers foraging in a stream is just such a treat for me. At times I find myself just sitting and watching, enjoying the moment. Of course, that’s after getting my shots. I also find it very inspiring to follow other photographers I admire online. On those cold and wet days, that helps keep the desire burning to get out and shoot.

Thomas Van Puymbroeck

What inspires me most is nature itself; if you look closely around you underwater you will see the most amazing colours, shapes and patterns. So every time I go underwater I never have to look far for inspiration because it pops up automatically in front of my lens.

Wojtek Meczynski

I am inspired simply by nature and its hidden beauty. The oceans and their inhabitants are still a secret to mankind. I am fascinated by the small and very small organisms that live in the blue waters of our planet. Underwater macro photography can feel like space exploration at times. I want to show the beauty of the oceans to people who can’t dive.

We believe that photography can help us connect with nature and inspire us to preserve it. That's why we share amazing outdoor photos and stories on our Instagram! Join us and get your daily dose of nature's beauty!

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