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By Frank T. Smith, OM SYSTEM Ambassador

Size does matter!

The recently released OM-5 from OM SYSTEM has all the bells and whistles AND is easy to pack and versatile to use. The camera is very light and portable. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, hiker and always up for an adventure, the OM System OM-5 is the perfect camera for you.A little background on me, I am an outdoor enthusiast, architectural photographer and educator based out of Center Valley, Pennsylvania. I am an all-weather photographer who loves to capture nature, travel, landscapes and architecture in every season and around the globe.

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 18mm | F8.0 | 1/1000 sec

I enjoy exploring remote locations and photographing the people and the culture around the globe. Most recently I travelled to the Italian Dolomites where I was able to take the newly released OM-5 for a great test drive in this amazing and sometimes challenging environment. I have travelled extensively through remote areas like India, the Atacama Desert, Morocco, Bhutan, Panama, Haiti, Death Valley and Mongolia.The OM SYSTEM is about ‘breaking free’, and this is who I am as a photographer. What I love about the OM SYSTEM is that it is always state of the art, revolutionary and most importantly, compact with sophisticated built-in features that allow me to push my limits

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 8mm | f6.0 | 1/500 sec

M.Zuiko 40-150MM PRO | ISO 100 | 150mm | F8.0 | 1/1320 sec

My best days are when I have my camera gear and I can explore the area, both near home and abroad, capturing nature and culture wherever I go.So let me take you on my recent journey to the Italian Dolomites with the new OM-5 Camera.

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 8mm | F7.1 | 1/500 sec

Before we go there, just a few highlights and important things to know about the new OM-5.

• TruePic IX Image processor

• Cross Quad Pixel AF delivers 1,053 point, all cross-type 100% high-precision focusing

• Pro Capture begins recording up to 120 fps once the shutter button is pressed halfway• High definition 4k video supports imaging expression• Compact, Lightweight, High Image Quality Interchangeable Camera System for superior portability

• Video Functions including high quality video and vertical video recording

As noted above, computational features of the OM System set this camera system apart. I am going to share imagery from the Italian Dolomites using the OM-5 and many of these features. All of these images were taken with OM-5. The details for the lens and the settings are noted with the image description.

Live Composite

One of my favourite computational features is daytime live composite. To achieve the effect during the day, I added a 10-stop neutral density filter to the front of my lens. This allowed me to shoot a five minute exposure and create the beautiful painterly effect in the sky.

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 11mm | F7.1 | interval 1.0 sec for 5 minutes

Starry Sky AF

With this feature I can lock my focus onto the stars with complete accuracy. This is usually difficult in dark environments, but with this new technology it grabs the stars without having to second guess the focus. To get this shot I needed to move quickly to avoid the incoming clouds. This feature is a huge time saver.

M.Zuiko 40-150MM PRO | ISO 200 | F4-0-5.6R 

Handheld Hi-Res Shooting

One of the new features for this camera is my ability to now shoot 50 mega pixel hi-res imagery without using a tripod. When travelling to remote locations and discovering compositions that I might not have an opportunity to repeat, I will often shoot an image in a higher resolution as in the case of both images.

M.Zuiko 40-150MM PRO | ISO 200 | 150mm | F8.0 | 1/400 sec

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 3200 | 11mm | F5.6 | 1/60 sec

Tripod Hi-Res Shooting

In addition to my ability to shoot handheld 50 mega pixel hi-res images, I can also shoot 80 mega pixel hi-res imagery using a tripod. As in this case, this is an image that I wanted to maximise this potentially once in a lifetime shot.

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 14mm | F2.0 | 1.6 sec

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

A feature that is very important to a landscape photographer is the ability to capture challenging dynamic ranges. In the case of these next two images, which are both HDR images, I had to contend with deep shadows and very bright highlights. To mitigate this, I utilise the HDR bracketing feature in this camera. I can shoot up to seven (7) frames with two (2) stops of exposure differential. This allows me to overcome challenging lighting scenarios.

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 13mm | F11 | 1/1250 sec

M.Zuiko 8-25MM PRO | ISO 200 | 25mm | F7.1 | 1/1250 sec

Vertical Video

A new feature incorporated into this camera is the ability to now shoot vertical videos without making adjustments in the camera. It automatically detects when you are in a vertical position. This of course is a huge advantage for social media posting purposes.As you can see from this collection of images, the OM-5 is a great travel/outdoor nature camera that allows me to maximise my imagery by using the many built-in features. It is highly versatile and compact. I am looking forward to my next adventure with the OM-5.

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