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»Encounters – humans and animals«

Environmental Photo Festival »horizonte zingst« 2020

Competition for OM-D and PEN photographers open until 31 January 2020

In the tenth year of our partnership with the Environmental Photo Festival »horizonte zingst« the competition’s topic is »Encounters – humans and animals«. Together with the Kur- und Tourismus GmbH Zingst we are again looking for the best photos for the exhibition of the same name, to be held at the next Environmental Photo Festival from 16 to 24. May 2020. Olympus photographers are cordially invited to submit their entries on the competition topic.

Our life is marked by encounters of all kinds. Encounters between humans and animals are the ones we are looking for in our new competition. Be it in the usual everyday life, work environments or when travelling: situations, in which humans and animals meet and interact, are manifold, often extremely emotional and sometimes even saddening. More often, however, they are amusing – for instance, when sparrows or baboons snitch something from our meals.

They can be touching when the family dog protects a sleeping child or when people swim along whale sharks in the vastness of the ocean. And sometimes, when we experience how animals have to cope with the downsides of our consumer society, they provide food for thought.

To capture these moments in photographs that show the photographer’s creativity and skill is the special challenge of this topic. We are looking forward to your entries.

Olympus Germany has been a partner of the Environmental Photo Festival in Zingst, Germany, since 2010 and a premium partner from 2012 onwards. The exhibition by the Olympus Community held each year since 2011 has become an integral part of the festival. It puts the top submissions of the OM-D and PEN photographers on show, from the Olympus Deutschland GmbH and Kur- und Tourismus GmbH Zingst photo competition. 


OM-D and PEN photographers on show, from the Olympus Deutschland GmbH and Kur- und Tourismus GmbH Zingst photo competition. 

The best entries will be shown from 16 to 24 May 2020 as part of the same-titled exhibition during the Environmental Photo Festival »horizonte zingst«. The three winners will be invited to open the exhibition in Zingst together with Olympus in May. Furthermore, they can look forward to:

1. prize: OLYMPUS products worth 2,000 EUR

2. prize: OLYMPUS products worth 1,500 EUR

3. prize: OLYMPUS products worth 1,000 EUR

Very important: The competition is only open to anyone whose entries have been taken with an OLYMPUS OM-D or PEN camera. Please note that if you are among the winners, your photo will be printed on an area of approximately 70 x 50 cm or 50 x 70 cm. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:

We are looking forward to your submissions and wish you good luck.

Photo competition Jurors:

Klaus Tiedge

Klaus Tiedge has been the curator of the Environmental Photo Festival »horizonte« Zingst since its inception 12 years ago. It is with particular empathy that he has accompanied the annual competition of the Olympus community as a juror, because the pictures entered into the competition show passionate creativity and variety of ideas in a very contemporary way.

Elisabeth Claußen-Hilbig

Elisabeth Claußen-Hilbig is responsible for public relations in the area of consumer products at Olympus Deutschland GmbH. Some years ago Olympus has set itself the goal to make photography accessible to as many people as possible. Thus, partnerships like the one with the Environmental Photo Festival »horizonte« in Zingst were created.

Edda Fahrenhorst

Edda Fahrenhorst thinks feels and talks photographically and in her capacity as project manager, picture editor, agent, and curator translates (almost) all image questions into photo answers. She is co-founder and managing director of the Hamburg-based agency fotogloria and co-curator of the Environmental Photo Festival »horizonte zingst«.