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A Sunday in Winter!

It's still cold and you are stuck inside because it is way too cold outside or it’s constantly raining – doesn’t that sound familiar? The gloomy rain or the actual snowstorm gave us no other choice but to put our pyjamas and snuggly socks on, light candles and drink hot beverages!
Instead of falling in a deep winter depression, here is our guide to fully enjoying a Sunday in winter: today, we will take it slow! Let’s start off with an awesome breakfast and make French toast, bacon, eggs and pancakes. Well maybe not everything at once, you may choose! Take your time preparing the delicious meal, put the radio on, sing along while cooking the eggs and most importantly, don’t stress.
What’s the best thing to do right after a perfect breakfast? Yes, we all know the answer. Jumping right back into bed again! Lie down, stretch a little bit and just relax while watching a video, reading the latest posts of our PEN ambassadors or just stare outside your window and enjoy the quiet.

Can’t lie in bed anymore? Perfect – it’s time to redecorate your home! Rearrange your furniture, hang up new pictures, get inspired on DYI videos and move things around. Get cosy at home!
Not in the rearranging mood? Then the following options might be better for you!
Reorganise your closet and put together new outfits, who knows you might discover new outfits that you never knew existed? Dress up and find new combos! Don’t want to move? Take a luxurious bath with lots of bubbly salts and bath oils, put your favourite jam on and have an extra fun daytime bath!

Finally catching up on your reading? Now is the time! Drink your favourite tea and spend the day catching up on all those magazines you have always wanted to read! Yoga hour? Get your new yoga mat out and zoom out all thoughts possible. Can’t wait for your next vacation? Take the day to plan right ahead! Listen to music and dance around? Do it!
Take your time today to do what you really feel like – it’s Sunday in winter and your choice to make the best out of it!

What's your favourite activity on a lazy Sunday in winter? Share it with your PEN Generation using #olympuspengeneration!