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Au Revoir summer. Hello autumn.


The time you drink hot chocolate, wrap yourself into a nice blanket in front of the fireplace and watch the leaves make their way to the ground. The time you eat home made soup, watch movies and enjoy delicious cinnamon rolls. The time you finally get to wear your big scarves, your soft sweaters and your stylish boots.

~ Long walks, colourful leaves, bonfires and lots of cuddling – autumn has officially arrived.  ~



The wind blows through our hair reminding us of the crisp air. Whenever you enter a house you can smell candles of all kinds and people are stocking up on Marshmallows again. Our closets fill with darker colours, oversized sweaters and leather gloves. When you stroll around your neighbourhood the smell of freshly made pie comes your way and when you secretly take a peek into other people’s backyards you see children picking apples.

Don’t you just love this time of year?
What are your favourite autumn activities? Share them with your PEN Generation!