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Dear PEN Generation - Happy International Friend's Day!

Have you already told your closest friends how much they mean to you? Cherishing each other is of high importance today! How about a nice text message telling your friends you love them? Or an invitation for a coffee break during lunch time? A small note hidden in their purses? No matter how you are going to tell your friends how much they mean to you, we are sure they will be happy that you thought of them!

What would life without friends even be like? Who would we call in the middle of the night when we want to tell someone about that horrible nightmare? Who always makes sure we are alright when our crush walks in on a party ignoring us? Who motivates us to fulfil our dreams and encourages us to do our best? Who makes us laugh in both good and bad times? Who is the first person we tell every single detail of your life to? That you call cute nicknames even when everyone is listening?

With friends – nothing really matters. You can fall flat on your face, after a good laugh and a few tears; your friend will always turn your mood around. You can walk out of the bathroom with your butt not covered because your top is stuck; you can rely on your friend to make you feel better (after a good laugh, of course). You are single and your cousin gets married? Only one who doesn’t bring a date, huh? You can always bring your friend and you know that you will have a great time!


Friendships are diverse, fascinating and simply inspiring. There are the types of friends that talk all day, every day about absolutely everything. There are the types of friends that only see each other occasionally but for let’s say those 3h sipping coffee on a Sunday afternoon - no topic is off limits. There are the types of friends that are apart by distance so they have to update each other over the phone and the friends who haven’t talked in month but always know that they can rely on each other when it comes down to it!

Who is the first person you are going to call today? How has your friend become your friend and what kind of friends are you? What is your story?

To all the good talks, the shared embarrassing moments, the long nights that turned into mornings, the memorable lazy Sundays in bed watching movies and ordering in food and to the people in your life that you can always count on!