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Experience. Enjoy. Remember.

A very wise man once said “every man dies but not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross. A bucket list or rather check list includes all goals, dreams & activities you desire to experience in your life! Do you have one yet?! It doesn’t have to be major goals framed within a certain social context such as your career or travel plans; it can be simple, goofy or completely random.
Let us give you an example of a possible bucket list where fun, lifetime goals, adventure and future plans are combined. Pick your favourite ones, add your personal goals and already cross cool activities off your list.

How about a cool photo album that captures your bucket list moments? If some memories cannot be captured, take a picture with your PEN that reminds you of the chosen activity. How funny will it be to look at that in 10 years? Show your children later
You won’t regret doing what you love!


Personal Bucket List
- Ride on an air balloon

- Dance with my Dad at my wedding
- Swim with dolphins
- Give a public speech
- Run a marathon
- Sing to an audience (Karaoke counts)
- Ride a rollercoaster
- Spend Christmas on the beach
- Sleep under the stars
- Drink beer at the Oktoberfest
- Sleep in an igloo
- See the Eiffel Tower
- Fall in love
- See the Northern Lights
- Travel by yourself
- Float in the Dead Sea
- Dance the Macarena
- Take a bath in a hot spring
- Go skinny dipping in a foreign country
- Learn how to make Sushi
- Take a road trip with no planned destination

What is on your ultimate bucket list? Inspire others and be inspired!

Hey – it might even give you the chance to try out some of the photo album friendly perks of the PEN like the ‘Photo Story’ where you can combine several images together in the camera ready to print!

Share it with the PEN Generation community and publish your most beautiful memory on Instagram using #olympusPENgeneration!