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Happy New Year 2018!

Dear PEN Generation – we wish you a Happy New Year with lots of laughter, love & excitement! Let’s cheer to a fabulous year to come and a memorable year we leave behind.

What were your favourite moments in Year 2017? No regrets!
What are you looking forward to in Year 2018? New challenges!


New Year. New Beginnings. Fresh Starts. Same Dreams.

What a beautiful quote, isn’t it?
How are you spending New Years Evening today?

There are beautiful traditions spread all over Europe on what to do during this magical night. Are you in Spain eating twelve grapes as soon as the clock bells first strike? Or are you in Iceland watching ‘the New Year’s comedy’? Perhaps you are enjoying a piece of rice pudding in Norway or you are actually smashing old plates in from of your friends’ house in Denmark?

Whether you enjoy eating the ‘King Cake’ in Portugal, watch ‘A Dinner for One’ in Germany or you are giving out sweets and gifts to your neighbours in Belgium, we sincerely hope that you are surrounded by your family, friends and beloved ones and celebrate it by chinking your glasses and enjoying each other’s company!
Share your New Year’s celebrations with your PEN Generation using #olympus_pengeneration and post your first picture of the year!