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Happy Nikolaus!

Happy Nikolaus dear PEN Generation – what a beautiful day to kick-start Christmas and all its beautiful traditions! Have you already eaten way too much chocolate, sprayed your room with cinnamon scent and played Christmas songs too loudly while singing along? Perfect!!
We have beautiful traditions all over Europe on how to celebrate this exciting day! Did you also place your shoes outside your front door the evening before Nikolaus so it would be filled with chocolates the next day, like the Germans? Or did you actually celebrate Sinterklaas yesterday, the famous Dutch Nikolaus that is way more important to the Dutch than actual Christmas? Or do you not celebrate Nikolaus at all in your home country? We are curious to hear!

Today, we are kick-starting our favourite season of the year: baking, singing, decorating, gifting, and most importantly spending time with our loved ones.

OLYMPUS wishes everyone a Happy Nikolaus and suggests cute red & white Christmas outfits not only for you but also for your camera. Combine the Camera Outfit Burgundy Temptation with the Hand Strap Little White Feather and dress up your camera for Nikolaus!

Have you gifted anyone today yet? It's time! Surprise your loved one with a chocolate Sinta Claus!

Still need Christmas presents? Check out our Fashion Accessories and put a smile on your beloved ones' face!