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Happy swimming!

The sun is shining, your newly bought bikini has just arrived and on top of that you are planning a cool pool party? Perfect timing! Or are you invited to a pool party and don’t know what to bring? No problem! This is the ultimate pool party guide that guarantees a fun event – happy swimming!

In case you are planning a pool party, be aware of some important safety tips:
1. No glass by the pool!
2. If possible, get canned beer and solo cups for your event – this way no one gets hurt (or at least not through glass).
3. Small tip: providing some extra towels will guarantee that everyone is adequately supplied.

As the saying goes, swimming makes you hungry. Make sure to provide enough snacks for the water lovers in your pool. Our suggestion: Guacamole and chips – easily prepared and enjoyed by a lot of people! Advantage is, no cutlery needed. Make sure to have enough ice-cubes and straws for everyone. Quick tip: colour straws will be nice for cute pictures!


For the ultimate water fun there is no way around pool noodles and pool floats - your guests will love them. On top of that you can provide water balloons as a fun activity. Cute decorations such as flower crowns, margarita glasses, pineapple cups, plates and napkins will pimp your party enormously. Balloons in different colours can also be a nice decoration technique.

When the sun goes down, place glow sticks in coloured balloons and light your string of lights above the pool – it will set a romantic atmosphere.
Capture your memories with your PEN and share your ultimate pool party images with your PEN family on your PEN profile. You don’t have a profile yet? No problem – create your own profile in only a few seconds!