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Let's go to the beach, beach, let's go get away!


Let’s go to the beach? YES! Who would say no to this question? Exactly – no one! Beach time is the most beautiful time of the year: walking barefoot in the sand, enjoying the shining sun while reading a magazine, a quick refresher in the ocean to cool off, surfing in the waves, listening to music while staring at the sky, watching beach boys walk by (oops did I say that?), tanning in the sun, building a sand castle or playing Frisbee with your friends – Is there anything better than that?
Let’s see what you should bring for the ultimate beach day!
Must-have gear for a fun day at the beach:

• Sunscreen
• Lip balm
• Water
• Swimwear
• Flip Flops
• Change of Clothes
• Towels
• Sunglasses
• Hat
• Beach umbrella
• Beach toys
• Magazines
• Snacks
• Cooler
• Hand sanitizer
• Plastic bag for wet clothes
• Bottled water
• Plastic bag for trash
• Your PEN – FOR SURE!


How about a cool beach shoot? Grab your PEN and show us what you got! Share it with your PEN Generation – we would love to see!

This August, we especially love the colour blue, don’t you? The Bucket Bag Into the Blue with its matching Camera Outfit will give your outfit beautiful blue highlights. Another one of our blue-favourites this August is the Lens Pouch Hello Peacock – perfect for a beach-themed Flatlay. On top of that, our Hand Strap Bohemian Pool Party will give your PEN the perfect beach-look and guarantee the right mood for the perfect beach time!