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Moscow winter city guide by Ninelly


My Story
I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from Moscow, creator of #MyDressStories photo project where I take photos with beautiful dresses all around the world and my cute little Olympus PEN camera is my best travel companion. I always make all of my outfits for shootings by myself trying to match the background, whether it is a city, mountain, lake, forest or something else. Besides travelling, I work as a project manager in an IT company and love to dance, sing, play the piano, ski and draw in my spare time.

I grew up in Moscow and for me Moscow is not only home but also a place of seeking inspiration. I constantly find new unusual locations for shootings for my project #MyDressStories, places for walking or cycling with friends. I love how different Moscow can be: in hot sunny summer or cold snowy winter. It seems to me that I also happen to be as different as Moscow: in my interests, outfits, hobbies and ideas.

My city
Moscow is my home town, and no matter how far I travel I always want to come home and find inspiration for my future projects on streets of my hometown. Moscow is definitely a city of contrasts where you can find ancient Russian temples, modern skyscrapers, cozy parks and imperial palaces, and all of it in one day!

For the last few years the appearance of the city began to change a lot and the huge projects of Moscow New Year decorations turned it into a capital of New Year decorations! Kilometers of city lights, huge luminous installations, special ice rinks and markets with street food and crafts create a mood and a sense of a winter fairytale.

New Year decorations start in famous GUM - the oldest and the most beautiful department store in Russia where you can try famous Russian ice-cream, which is produced specifically for this store and its recipe has not changed since 1954 and consists of natural ingredients only. Here you can see a line of tourists wishing to try the famous ice-cream in a waffle cup even on weekdays. Also, there is an old-style cinema and a lot of perfect locations for taking pictures on a cold windy day.

In front of the GUM store there is a famous ice rink and a carousel on Red Square, decorated with flags, lights and garlands. The best itinerary for a day will start on the Red Square ice rink; you can grab a bite on the Christmas market with Russian style street food and warm up in GUM.

Next place will be decorations in front of Bolshoi Theater, Nikolskaya street and Manezhnaya square. Each place has their own New Year markets with a unique style and an interactive program.

Another favourite place of mine in Moscow is Gorky Park, which is worth seeing both in summer and winter. In winter, small paths in the park are flooded with ice and decorated with lights, so most of the park turns into an ice park, where you can skate instead of walking. New Year's music is playing around the park and the smell of pancakes and mulled wine will creates the perfect mood.

As we try to wrap ourselves with scarves and warm coats in winter, my Olympus PEN E-PL8 also needs to be dressed up.
Suede covers of different colours with changeable straps are ideal for that: they are not only practical but also very stylish and matching different outfits.
Thank you for reading my *BOTM* guest post - @ninelly