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Fall in love with WROCLAW by Alabasterfox

The meeting place. This is what Wroclaw is most often called and there is definitely something to it because every time you visit the Wroclaw Market Square, peace and quiet are the last things you should be hoping to get. Surrounded by countless packed cafés, restaurants and pubs, the main square is the beating heart of the city. But what if you went off track?
My name is Adrianna (@alabasterfox)and I have been running a travel and photography blog as well as the @alabasterfox Instagram profile since 2014!
Today, I would like to invite you for a tour of the place where I was born, Wroclaw in Poland.

Except for 160 bridges, footbridges (Wroclaw is often called Venice of the North) and over 300 dwarfs, who have been associated with the city for a while now, the capital of Lower Silesia offers plenty of gardens, monuments and most importantly beautiful architecture. Let me show you some of my favourite places!

I love good food, so I usually spend the mornings in my favourite cafés. One of them is Dinette, where I have been ordering the same breakfast for more than a year now – waffles with maple syrup, a fried egg and… bacon! If you have never tried the sweet and salty combination, then you should absolutely do so! Dinette is located in 8 Teatralny Square, right next to the main pedestrian area. Please check it out when you are here!

After we have taken the edge off our appetites, we head for the Grunwald Bridge. Near the bridge, we can see the Centennial Hall, the Wroclaw Zoo and the Japanese Garden. These breathtaking places are worth a visit especially during the spring and summer seasons. However, I have decided to take my Olympus PEN to Ostrow Tumski. It is a gorgeous spot in the heart of the city where time seems to stand still. This is also where you will find the Lovers’ Bridge. Can you think of a similar one in Paris? ;-)

It is best to see the sunset from the highest vantage point in Poland. Panorama of Wroclaw from the 49th floor of the Sky Tower skyscraper simply takes your breath away. During the 25 minute session 200 metres above the ground we can admire the vast landscape of the city and its surroundings. Remember to book the tickets in advance!

However, I would like to show you a slightly lower, yet also beautiful point because it is situated in the historic main building of Wroclaw University in the Mathematical Tower. This is one of my favourite places in Wroclaw. I used to live next to it, so I climbed up a few times a week with a cup of coffee. The view was totally worth it!

Let’s get back to the Market Square for a while because I want to show you something. When I started writing this guide, it was the time when the annual Wroclaw Christmas fair began. For one month the whole square and its alleys turn into a Christmas market where you can spend time with your family, go shopping, eat international delicacies and also drink mulled wine or hot chocolate. It all continues until Christmas from dawn to dusk. It is an ideal open air location for a Christmas session!

I could keep going like this forever but you will probably stay here for a few hours or days at best. Make the most of your time here in Wroclaw because it is a beautiful old city which is definitely worth your while!

Go check out my Instagram profile for winter inspirations, I am looking forward to meeting you there! Xo Adrianna