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Peace & Love

~ Dear PEN Generation – Happy International Peace Day! ~

Today, we promote respect, safety and dignity for everyone. With so much war in the world at the moment, we would like to remind you to think of the less fortunate today.

How about a small deed as a sign for peace around the world?
A little compliment to a stranger on the street? Simple compliments mean the most!
Bringing your neighbour’s groceries upstairs when you see them struggling with the weight? What a nice gesture! 



Approaching your enemy and pointing out a strength of theirs? Be the bigger person!
Giving out hugs to colleagues, firends or strangers? You will make their days!

Pause your fights with friends, family and your partner today and think of the positive things in life. Spread love, go on the streets and take pictures of beautiful moments:

Capture the moment of two loved ones greeting each other!
Take a picture of someone giving up their seat for the elderly!
Freeze the moment of someone finding a wallet and running after the person to give it back!

What peaceful moments did you witness today?
Grab your PEN and go for a long walk around the city capturing moments that illustrate peace and love. After all, it’s International Peace Day today! Don’t forget to share it with your community!