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Photography Tips by Liselotte Fleur

Lisalotte Fleur is a professional photographer focusing on fashion. Today, she shares her 3 important photography tips with us! Read further to learn from a fashion expert:

I’m inspired by the search for perfection and imperfection. I love to capture models in a natural way while telling a story with fashion. Shooting models on beautiful locations is something that makes me really happy for already 10 years.

• Work with a lot of creative teams to grow your network and to develop your own style.

• A little progress each day adds up to big results. Don’t stop experimenting with your camera settings and keep an eye on the creative part of photography! Keep learning from every shoot you will ever do.

• Find the lenses and camera that suits you the best. Personally I love working with prime lenses because of the low aperture (between f/1.2 till f/1.8) and of the amazing quality and sharpness. With a prime lens you are not able to zoom, so I have to move around my model to create a new angle. It makes me more active during a shoot and this kind of interaction is so important when working with models.

Liselotte Fleur
Fashion Photographer