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Hi there! We are Lucie and Nicole! We are sisters, bloggers, travellers, life lovers and OLYMPUS PEN lovers, of course! We are from Prague and have been living here for our whole life. So today, it is our pleasure to introduce you to a few of our favourite places in this beautiful city. Come exploring with us!

First things first! Let us invite you for a good cup of coffee and delicious seasonal breakfast. Our favourite café in Prague is called “Místo”, which means “The Place” in English. If you are travelling with friends or just looking for a quiet place to work, this is really the place to visit! And try their pancakes! They are just awesome! Some other cafés we can definitely recommend are Můj šálek kávy, I Need Coffee, Supertramp Coffee and Kavárna co hledá jméno. There are many others, but in our opinion, these suggestions are the perfect combination of coffee and atmosphere. All of them are a very Instagram-worthy, as well!

Now that you have a lot of energy to discover new places, just take the tram and in five minutes, you will arrive to Malostranská. From there, you can climb the stairs and visit the Prague castle, which offers a beautiful view of the city, or as we did, enjoy some quiet time in a close by park full of peacocks (that’s right, peacocks!) – Vojanovy sady.

Prague is actually full of parks – perfect for picnics, or a quiet moment with your favourite book. If you have more time to spare in Prague, try Petřín, Riegerovy sady, or Letná with “Stalin Monument” (there used to be a monument dedicated to Stalin, now there is a big metronome in its place), where an outdoor bar is open during the summer. It is one of the hottest spots for local people to enjoy a beer, and party every single day of the week!

If there is one place you should not miss while you are in Prague, it is definitely Míšenská 10 store! It is a small concept store full of beautiful local fashion, jewellery, beauty and stationery, carefully selected by two amazing girls! #GIRLBOSS vibe is on.

When in Míšenská 10, make sure to check out the Win Win Love brand, which has been started with sustainable fashion in mind and has a really nice concept of giving new life to second-hand pieces and creating unique fashion items. All in a cool, minimalistic style!

Ice cream time!!! Yaay! Is there something better than an ice cream break after shopping? We don’t think so. Our favourite is Angelato, so let’s go, it is just a few steps away. It is a little piece of Italy just in the centre of Prague, with a delicious ice cream and a lot of different flavours.

Today, we feel like raspberry ice cream! Which one would you choose?

Do you know what is our favourite way of transport around the city? Biiiikes! And in Prague, they are pink! That is just (picture) perfect! All you need to do to rent one of these is to download an app Rekola, register and you are set to GO! We mean, RIDE! If the weather is not perfect for biking, public transport is very reliable and will take you anywhere in amount of minutes.

The most important sightseeings are all very known and can be found in numerous articles on the Internet, so we didn’t want to bore you with them. But if we can recommend one thing – wait until it gets dark, and take a walk in the historical centre, by the river, and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the illuminated city.

We hope to see you in PRAGUE soon!