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The autumn's favourite!

Pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup…everything the heart desires! Since a few weeks pumpkins are back on the market stocking up our supermarkets – the autumn’s favourite is as popular as ever!

The delicious fruit is not only healthy but also very tasteful. We use it in many different varieties all over the world, amazing receipts being the most common form. Cookies, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, puree, smoothies, dips, donuts, latte, dessert and chocolate – What is your favourite pumpkin receipt?

With Halloween being around the corner, pumpkins can also be used for scary, cute or beautiful Halloween decorations in any kind of form. Most popular, are the pumpkin carvings. From classic pumpkin faces to scary witches, choose your favourite pattern and carve away. You want to keep Halloween simple yet spectacular? Your own homemade carved pumpkin will guarantee a great decoration! Invite the girls and have a pumpkin beauty mansion? Which pumpkin will be the cutest?

You would like a simpler version of decoration possibilities? Cheerfully decorate your pumpkin simply from the outside by drawing a pattern on it or a writing of your choice! Not really in the DYI mood? Buy three smaller pumpkins, pick up colourful leaves outside and nicely place it next to your front door – it couldn’t be easier!

Catching the lighting and colours can be trickier than carving the pumpkin…but don’t panic. Switch your OLYMPUS PEN to iAuto and tap the right hand side of the screen to reveal colour and brightness controls. Here you can use the sliders to alter the mood by adjusting colour saturation and balance not to mention even tweaking the shadows and hightlights to get that really special shot.

The end of October is all about pumpkins…carve away and share your current deocration and inspire the PEN Generation!