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Show those curves!


Are you ready for bikini season? Did your spring workout finally pay off and you are ready to show those slender legs and your firm butt lift? Your tight abs will look stunning in your newly bought bikini at the beach, tanning in the shining sun!

Take your PEN and capture your personal bikini time. Here's a tip on getting the best full length shot: your kit zoom lens is just fine - set to wide angle (14mm) and ask a friend to hold the camera length ways (portrait format) just below waste level so it is angled slightly up. If they keep your feet at the bottom of the frame, you should look taller! Then follow the usual posing tips of standing on your toes with your legs crossed. Give it a try: pssss...your legs will look so much longer!


Not ready for bikini season yet? Don’t worry there are gorgeous swimsuits for all figures! Otherwise, just take a portrait with the sky as the background or take a picture of yourself using the M.ZUIKO 45mm lens cropped to show only your top half. This lens flattens the perspective slightly for a more flattering effect.




There are so many great choices of swimwear this summer. We simply cannot make a decision and want them all! Inspire us, what kind of swimsuit are you wearing this summer? A stylish bikini in hot pink? Or a classic black one-piece that highlights your curves? Thin-stringed or high waist bottoms? Tankini on the top and Brazilian on the bottom? Show us your favourite swimwear this July and share your beach pictures with your PEN Generation!



Don’t fancy being in the shot? Try a flatlay with your favourite swimwear and other summer essentials. To boost the colours, select iAuto on your mode dial and tap the right hand side of the screen to bring up the various adjustments available including colour, saturation and contrast.