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Sun equals fun!

Sipping your first coffee on your balcony while watching the morning traffic, walking around naked in your apartment with the window open, taking your bike to work wearing your stylish sunglasses, jumping in a lake close by in the early afternoon and staying outside until the sun goes down right before you go to bed. Don’t you just LOVE summers in the city?

Early birds start to go for runs again when the sun is rising getting motivated by the smell of freshly cut grass. We can catch some sunshine before the day has even started and you can finally put on your favourite summer dress after a refreshing cool shower!

No colour is too bold for summers in the city. Summers in the city are a judgment-free zone for all fashionistas!

Barefoot? Go for it, just take your shoes off and stroll!

A trendy hat? No problem. It looks amazing and protects you from the sun!

Picnic after work in the closest park? Enjoy!

Spontaneous barbeque on your balcony? Let’s!

In the mood for an open-air festival under the stars? Have fun!

Ice-cream for lunch? Is there a better alternative? Nope!

It’s time for iced coffee, chilling in the hammock, green areas with coloured spots everywhere and white tan lines!

This calls for great images with your PEN! What are you most excited about this summer? Grab your PEN and capture your favourite summer moments! It is a great chance to explore some shortcuts to great images in the SCN mode on your PEN – how about romantic lights coming on in the evening using “Night Scene” mode. The PEN Generation is already curious – just share!