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Travel light but always in style!


Who doesn’t love travelling? Hopping on a train, a plane, a car or a bus and going to a different place – just wonderful! Breathing in diverse air, eating delicious food, watching other cultures follow incomparable values and traditions – it’s exciting and adventurous. Weeks ahead before the final take-off, the excitement continues to increase and last minute errands are dealt with – travel plans here we come! 

Whether you travel for your well-deserved vacation, a business trip for work, or do a round-the-world trip, there is one tiny downside: Packing. It is never easy.
For us fashionistas, packing is especially difficult considering that we need to pack all our must-have travel-items. We need to bring all our cosmetics including our beloved organic shampoo, our fruity shower gel and a long-lasting body lotion. Some of us might even bring their body scrubs and nail equipment for a thorough morning routine. On top of that, we need to pack several clothing choices for our trip. There is the everyday look when strolling around in a new city, the glamourous look when going for drinks at night and the comfortable look for a cosy night in your hotel room. Depending on the weather conditions, you may want to bring swimwear, a sky outfit, a costume and a dress. In addition, you need shoes for different occasions. Flip-flops, if you are on a wellness trip, high heels for your business meeting and your trendy ballerinas when you are sitting by the pool in the hotel. Puh, packing has become a hassle.

Very important is traveling lightweight but in style! You don’t want to ruin your time carrying heavy bags or not being able to take pictures of yourself on your trip - that would be a bummer. A great advantage of our PEN is that it’s the ultimate lightweight. Grab your Shoulder Bag Just Nude, two of your favourite lenses that you can easily store in your Shoulder Bag and you are ready to shoot – no heavy equipment needed whatsoever.



When it comes to your outfit, only pack your essentials because you will probably be too busy to worry about your routine from home – live a little! Bring only two pairs of shoes that look fabulous to every outfit, pack your favourite going out clothes and transform it into a daily look – we are sure you can pull it off!

Style your camera with lightweight Fashion Accessories as well. Small accessories are crucial when wanting to travel in style. Our Hand Strap Bohemian Pool Party makes your camera a fashion icon and gives your outfit a small colour splash. Or the Hand Strap Little White Feather that matches your white sandals? These modest details will make sure you will stand out of the crowd at the airport line for check in or on the platform when the train arrives. Our tip: make use of our colourful hand straps when making flat lays, it will give your image a stylish highlight!

What are your travel essentials? Any items that you just couldn’t travel without? Share it with the PEN Generation!



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