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10-Year-Extended Warranty

NOTE: Due to the transfer of the Olympus imaging business with effect as of 1 January 2021, the imaging business will be seamlessly continued by OM Digital Solutions GmbH (press release: This will not have any impact on Olympus' warranty obligations for products purchased prior to 1 January 2021. Olympus therefore remains the contractual partner under this 10 Years Extended Warranty and OM Digital Solutions GmbH will process warranty cases for Olympus.

The 10-Year-Extended-Warranty only applies to the following Countries: EU, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, South Africa, Ukraine. The extended warranty only applies to  Olympus PRO Binos, means 8x42 PRO and 10x42 PRO EN purchased from 1.10.2018 to 31.12.2022.

1. Content

The 10-Year-Extended-Warranty prolongs the warranty period of the implied statutory warranty during which customers can assert claims for defective/faulty deliveries under the local law applicable to the customer. The 10-Year-Extended-Warranty is not an independent, additional warranty and it is without prejudice to Olympus manufacturer's guarantee. The 10-Year-Extended-Warranty starts on the day on which the implied statutory warranty period ends. After that day claims can be brought by the customer for an additional period of 10 years. The customer has to provide proof of the purchase date to make any claims under the 10-Year-Extended Warranty. Should the customer have been granted an extended warranty period in respect of the same product also under another extended warranty promotion the warranty periods may not be cumulated and the extended warranty period for the product shall be the longer of the two periods.

2. Conditions of warranty extension

The customer has not unsubscribed from the OM SYSTEM Newsletter when making a claim under the extended warranty. This condition is without prejudice to the customer's right to unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time. Participation in the campaign is voluntary. Each participant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. OM Digital Solutions GmbH reserves rights to change terms and conditions with prior notice to the customer.