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Dive (B)Log


Dive Blog

The idea of the Dive Blog is to provide you the newest stories, to show you breathtaking places and images taken by our Visionaries on their latest trips. All of them travel all around the world to find the next amazing dive spot and of course also to take the next incredible shot under the surface! Get inspired for your next trip!

  • Raja Ampat – an untouched jewel of Indonesia

    Raja Ampat – or “Four Kings” as you may also call it – is a playground for adventurers, professional divers and – the most important for us – underwater photographers. Imagine corals of all colours, exorbitant scho...

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    During the Underwater Photography Workshop that I gave in the Red Sea in Egypt for one week in May 2017, I had the opportunity to test the new OLYMPUS Tough TG-5.

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  • Meet our Visionary David Benz

    David Benz from Gaggenau in Germany has more than 20 years of diving experience and can definitely be called an expert when it comes to the magical underwater world. He has been photographing underwater for more than 10 years and luckily shares his experiences of around 1000 dives and his wonderful pictures with us in this Underwater Photography Blog. We have met him and we think it’s about time you meet him, too! ...

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