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A great scene and your PEN are all you need to create stunning photos. Enhance your photos by accessing key features right from the live guide menu. Choose the blur setting to draw attention to your area of choice while blurring the other areas.

Change the color saturation to your liking and apply the setting. A real-time preview shows you exactly how the changes affect your photo. To share your picture, simply connect your PEN to your smartphone via WiFi, transfer your files and share across your favorite social media platforms!


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intMyOlympus campaign HP video teaser PEN

Check out this tutorial and get inspired to shoot beautiful Flatlays. Have some cool new sunglasses laying around? Or maybe a beautiful parfume flacon? Look around your house for cool items that make a nice Flatlay and organize them neatly.

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intMyOlympus campaign HP aditional info PEN


A great scene and your PEN are all you need to create stunning photos.

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Discover how you can make best use of your PEN's features to create the best shots of your and your friends' outfits.

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Your PEN isn't only a great camera in a beautiful body, but also the best Selfie-Gadget!

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Truly make it a night to remember by taking the best party pics! Your PEN is all you need.

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PEN Generation

 Be a part of #olympusPENgeneration!

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(available in English)

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