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Welcome to the Photography Journal, a collection of the latest stories from our expert visionary adventures.

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  • The art of bird photography

    I have always enjoyed the more artistic approach to nature photography, creating something visually stimulating and pleasing to the eye; something that would look good on the wall. There are two distinct styles to my bird photography: I take some of ...
    M.Zuiko 1.4x Teleconverter MC‑14
  • How I got the shot.

    The Northern Goshawk is a bird of prey that very few are lucky enough to see. It lives most of its life hidden in the deep forests, where squirrels and various forest birds, including the Eurasian Jay, feature on the goshawk’s menu. It whizzes ...
    M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150 F2.8

    If you've been trying to dive into bird photography while spending time in your yard or close to home, you may be looking for the best way to capture birds in flight. While everyone loves a picture of a beautiful bird perched on a branch, a more dyna...

    I have been photographing birds since 1978 and it has been my profession for over 30 years. Bird photography is my passion and I think birds are beautiful. Their lovely feather patterns and fascinating behaviour makes me going back to nature again an...
  • 5 Tips for Photographing Hummingbirds

    Photographing hummingbirds is fun, challenging and rewarding. These birds are so fascinating that I can watch them for hours as they flutter around flowers and sip nectar while hovering in the air. They are truly a marvel of nature. Learn about hummi...
  • Photographing Puffins on Skomer Island

    By Rob Cottle, OM SYSTEM Ambassador It's that fantastic time of year again when we can set sail for Skomer Island in West Wales, UK – one of my favourite places, open once more for feathery, fun business. So I thought this an opportune time...
  • Eight reasons why the OM-1 is the one

    If you’re undecided about your next upgrade, let these pro photographers’ shots do the talking. From the tiniest bug, to the boldest bear – the OM-1 is ready to capture the moment with you. We spoke with eight pro photographers abou...

    ‘Dawn Chorus Day’ is a magnificently magical melodic awakening that is so worth experiencing, even if it’s only the once. As many have found, spending time watching and listening to birds is a total joy and a tonic for your mental h...
  • My year ahead: shooting in Shetland, UK

    At 60° North, Shetland, UK, is far out in the North sea, and geographically at least, nearly as close to Norway as to mainland Scotland. Shetlanders like to think of themselves in more Scandinavian territory and much of the landscape and natural ...
  • My OM-1: Custom Settings for Bird Photography

    The OM-1 has arrived and with that comes a whole new menu system, computational photography and higher image quality than ever seen before from OM SYSTEM. While some of the base settings are not that different from the previous cameras, there are is ...

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