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About the Program

Whether you have started your photography journey or you have finished your studies in photography, art or creative design the Rising Talents is the opportunity for you to realize your dream project or to experience photography with internationally acclaimed Visionaries.  ​

This program is specifically designed to enable you to envision your ideas or to get inspired by the world's best photographers.

Join the Rising Talents community and showcase your ambitions and passion. A jury of our Visionaries will review your submission and your profile and if selected an OLYMPUS representative will contact you directly and the journey begins.

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Apply for your dream project

Apply for a chance to fulfill a school exhibition, art project or your graduation photography assignment. OLYMPUS will contribute to your project needs and provide a suitable OM-D camera system of your choice! An OLYMPUS Visionary will mentor you throughout your project giving you the chance to gain experience and learn from the best photographers.

Registration to MyOLYMPUS is requiered in order to apply for your dream project. Please keep in mind that MyOLYMPUS Terms and Conditions apply to Rising Talents programme.

Apply here (in selected Countries only)


Your creative guides along the way.

Rising Talent applications will not only be reviewed by OLYMPUS Visionaries, they will also be accompanied and mentored by them in the project phase. By getting in direct contact with our Visionaries, you can expand your creative and professional horizons and get tips from the best in the business and increase your network with the professionals.